Atelier Mémoire en Méditerranée

Irena Weber

Constructing cultural heritage in a landscape park: a case of an Upper Adriatic salt pans

The last decades of the past century have witnessed the heritage boom. Contemporary (and often contradictory) processes of conceptualizing Istrian heritage in Slovenia include the national and the multicultural discourse as well as newly employed “European heritage” one. It is of comparative interest to look at the changes that occurred after the Slovenian EU integration, namely how is heritage in changing circumstances being constructed and who are the main actors in the process.

Anthropological research on Mediterranean coastal spaces emphasizes the fierce competition for natural resources that are overused in many Mediterranean areas. Of particular interest are creations of natural parks, the management strategies and forms of natural and cultural preservation.

The paper focuses on the landscape park of Sečovlje Salt pans, on the Slovene Croatian border, placed between the hinterlands and the coastal towns where several heritage narratives intertwine. The Venetian past is the main heritage narrative frame in the coastal towns. It represents a distant past that needs not be contested. Given the present ethnic structure it is virtually nobody's past and can safely be »remembered«. Interestingly, it is another imperial past, namely the Habsburg one, markedly absent in towns that finds its place in the salt pans particularly in reference to the tourism development.

Particular attention is paid to the recently established  “Genius loci Lera” art colony and developing “Salt festival” which combine various artistic and folkloristic representation  as an  integral part of constructions of landscapes within which the heritage is situated.

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